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Tara Lukan, Tulong Tayo!

| November 13, 2019

In light of the recent earthquakes in Mindanao, the SC Outreach Committee is pledging the donations to be collected from this block’s “Tara Lukan, Tulong Tayo” to our fellow Filipinos affected by the recent earthquake.

We are encouraging everyone to donate the following:
– Biscuits
– Rice
– Instant noodles
– Hot beverages (coffee, milk, etc)
– Bottled water
– Medicines (Paracetamol, multivitamins, cough medicines)
– Clothing
– Hygiene kits
– Old tarpaulins (for make-do tents as temporary shelter)
We will be accepting donations for the earthquake victims until the end of November. Beyond this, you may still donate as the “Tara Lukan, Tulong Tayo” is a year-long donation drive. You may drop your donations in the violet box located at the Student Lounge, 11th floor.

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